Family Owned Haines Auto Repair Shop

Since 2004, Kerry and Joyce Town have been blessed to operate Canal Marine as a family-owned shop in Haines that prioritizes quality workmanship. Kerry brings over 30 years of career experience as a welder and heavy equipment mechanic to the table. Canal Marine offers pick-up and drop-off service by appointment as well as complimentary Wi-Fi and coffee to every customer.

As a marine-focused shop, we're proud of our Evinrude E-TEC, Suzuki and Johnson certifications. However, we're much more than "just" a marine repair outfit. We fix everything from Volvo wagons to Silverado 3500 trucks on a regular basis. There are a variety of common auto repair services we offer ranging from replacing winter tires to swapping out CV axles.

Automotive Services We Offer

  • Boat Repair
  • Boat Supplies
  • Inboard Repair
  • Marine Services
  • Marine Engine Services
  • Marine Supplies
  • Outboard Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
  • Oil Change Service
  • Suspension Repair
  • Tire Balancing
  • Tires
  • Winter Tires
  • Chainsaw Repair
  • Lawnmower Repair
  • Light Electrical Repair
  • Monitor and Toyo heating - service, parts, and repair.
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Snow machine Repair
  • STIHL Dealer
  • Stove Repair
  • Weed Trimmer Repair
  • Welding Service

More on Our Haines Auto Service Specialties

  • Brake Repair

    Brake Repair

    Routine brake repair should be a top priority for drivers who care about safety. Driving a vehicle in desperate need of brake repair is sure to end in tears. The good news is that quality brake repair is fairly affordable in the grand scheme of things. Canal Marine Company's staff technicians can perform virtually any brake repair imaginable. We'll always go above and beyond to make your brake repair a solid investment. Canal Marine always delivers the finest brake repair possible in the Haines area.

  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis

    Check Engine Light Diagnosis

    Thanks to modern OBDII standards, check engine lights usually make auto repair pretty painless. Nevertheless, deciphering a check engine light isn't as easy as it sounds. Many check engine light codes can be caused by a wide array of underlying issues. If you're not an automotive repair veteran, it's best to leave check engine light troubleshooting to the professionals. The staff at Canal Marine can make short work of any check engine light. We'll sort out your check engine light without a lot of fuss.

  • Oil Change Service

    Oil Change Service

    A run-of-the-mill oil change is the surest way to keep a vehicle running well. At Canal Marine, we're experts when it comes to oil change excellence. While an oil change might seem simple, you'll need the right filters and 5W-30 to guarantee results. We treat every oil change as a matter of engine life or death. That's why our oil change service is relied on by so many Haines residents. For the best oil change service around, Canal Marine is the shop to call.

  • Suspension Repair

    Suspension Repair

    You can't trust your vehicle to drive well if the suspension system is shot. Common suspension components like shocks, struts and sway bar links fail all the time without warning. A vehicle's suspension system doesn't just guarantee a comfortable ride. The truth is that a healthy suspension system reduces the odds of nasty accidents on the open road. Fortunately, a sub-par suspension system is pretty easy to spot for a trained mechanic. Canal Marine can get your suspension system back in tip-top shape quickly for a reasonable price.

  • Tire Balancing

    Tire Balancing

    Tire balancing is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, tire balancing ensures that your vehicle handles properly. Secondly, proper tire balancing will reduce vibration and noise while driving. Tire balancing is one job that most DIY auto repair enthusiasts can't do by themselves. The technicians at Canal Marine take the time to perform superior tire balancing on every vehicle they service. Our tire balancing service will keep your Haines car or truck in great shape for years to come.

  • Winter Tires

    Winter Tires

    Good winter tires are a must in Haines or any other Alaska locale for that matter. At Canal Marine, we burn the calories necessary to get the best winter tires for our customers. Once we find the right winter tires for any vehicle, we mount and balance them with a high degree of precision. Ultimately, winter tires are one area where you don't want to cut corners. When you need the best winter tires money can buy, we're the shop to consult.